I am not a business. I am a collector, just like most of you. This site was created to buy/sell and TRADE cards. Cards that I need can be located by using the search bar and searching for “WANT”.

I try to trade by BV (to stay consistent with others). SO ignore the prices when trading. I try to trade base for base or memorabilia for memorabilia, and so on. If I am doing a trade for memorabilia I would expect a lot more base in exchange for a memorabilia card than for a base card.

That being said, I also have cards posted on the site which are not mine. If they are not mine, I can not trade for them, but I can negotiate if you offer a price for the specific items(s).

In order to make a trade, we are going to use the SportsCardForum.com (SCF) trade manager, but I still need to keep track of my inventory. SO… Create an account on here, add the cards to your CART and e-mail me the trade or post the trade in SCF. I will provide a coupon to you for the trade which will remove the cards from my inventory as a “sale” even though no money is exchanged. The trade will go through the SCF trade manager, so if you aren’t a member of SCF you need to become one. That being said, I get a referral credit if you sign up and provide the referral link.

Referral Link for krunchtyme on SCF


PERSONAL COLLECTION CARDS – I have tried to set up the site so my pPersonL Collection DOES NOT appear in searches, but they always do. I won’t say I will never trade my cards from my Personal Collection, BUT..It is unlikely!

Any other questions, just hit me up at krunchtyme@gmail.com (old one) or the new RookiesAndMore@gmail.com or on SCF after you create your account. Thanks Rich