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  1. Click on any of the images on the main page (MLB, NFL, etc) and it will take you to that sport. Click on a team, it will go to that team.
  2. To Search for Autographed cards, type, “auto”. Authographed cards for a specific team, use a comma and type the team, “auto, cowboys”. This will limit you searched. It also works for Memorabilia (any jersey, glove, ball, sweater, etc).
  3. I’ll ad as questions arise.
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About Me

Hi, First things first. I am a collector, like you. Not a business. I collect PSA graded Dallas Cowboy cards. Some cool stuff can be seen here:

Cowboys Pop 1 collection: My Showcase: The Dallas Cowboys “POP 1” Collection (

Cowboy Rookies: My Showcase: Dallas Cowboys Rookie Cards (Any Card that was issued during a Cowboys Player’s Rookie Year) (

I created this site as a trade/selling platform for myself, to do what you ask…Get more PSA graded Cowboys!!!

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My Blog

Damn – went out an about and saw some of the coolest stuff ever.

First big shout out to South Pawn on Dawson/Oleander!!! They were great. Thanks Jon!!!

Second. Matt at Whatever Wilmington showed me a sports card nirvana and then told me about sports card heaven!!!!! I can only hope to make some deals with these guys at some point in the near future.